Precise Trucking Specialists Committed to Guiding Business Owners

At C&L, we are dedicated to helping start-ups establish their name in the transportation and logistics industry. As trucking specialists, we use our expertise to be of excellent service to all of our clients.

Our trucking specialists are “EXPERTS”.  We have worked and gained intense training and experience to the highest level. We have consistently proved their talent for training, consulting, and new business start-ups as well as scaling new and existing businesses.

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Meet the Expert Behind Our Company

Felisa Horton-Roberson is the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and founder of our firm. Her educational background and industry experience qualifies her as an expert. Felisa combines the hands-on work of running a trucking company with the in-depth industry knowledge required to make your business a profitable success. She is so passionate about trucking and logistics that she considers them to be the things that give her life.

In her more than 20 years in the industry, she has experience working in the following roles:

  • Broker or Agent
  • Recruiter
  • Dispatcher
  • Operations Manager
  • Fleet Manager
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Thriving as a Woman in the Trucking Industry

With everything that she has done, Felisa is most happy about the wealth of knowledge she gained. She worked through blood, sweat, and tears to survive and thrive in the industry as a woman.

Felisa now shares the things she has learned with those who are seeking to work, or be their own boss, in this four trillion-dollar industry. She is excited to collaborate with different individuals and help build companies from the ground up.

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